Databricks cross-workspace administration with Powershell and WPF

Introduction For quite some time now, I have worked in Data Analytics platforms in the cloud, where Databricks played a major role. Databricks is a cross-cloud product (AWS, Azure, GCP) that was developed by the creators of Apache Spark, and provides a user interface where notebooks can be shared and clusters managed. The Premium version, […]

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Big Data Ingestion: Flume, Kafka and NiFi

Preliminaries When building Big Data pipelines, we need to think on how to ingest the Volume, Variety and Velocity of data showing up at the gates of what would typically be a Hadoop ecosystem. Preliminary considerations such as scalability, reliability, adaptability, cost in terms of development time, etc. will all come into play when deciding […]

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Streaming Big Data: Storm, Spark and Samza

There are a number of distributed computation systems that can process Big Data in real time or near-real time. This article will start with a short description of three Apache frameworks, and attempt to provide a quick, high-level overview of some of their similarities and differences. Apache Storm In Storm, you design a graph of real-time computation called a topology, […]

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Lambda Architecture for Big Data

An increasing number of systems are being built to handle the Volume, Velocity and Variety of Big Data, and hopefully help gain new insights and make better business decisions. Here, we will look at ways to deal with Big Data’s Volume and Velocity simultaneously, within a single architecture solution. Volume + Velocity Apache Hadoop provides both reliable storage (HDFS) and a […]

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Android Tips: On/Off Toggle

When we need to give to users of our apps the ability to switch on/off a given feature, we automatically think of check boxes, toggle buttons or switches: These widgets are available to us out-of-the-box, but then we are constrained to a particular look & feel, which may or may not be what we want […]

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NoSQL on Android

There are various NoSQL solutions for mobile platforms such as the iOS and Android. Here, we will look at Couchbase Lite (CBL – the successor of TouchDB), a lightweight, full-featured, embedded JSON database. Why a full-feature database instead of just a wrapper for a cloud service? Basically, responsiveness. The idea is that the application should […]

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Storing Objects in Android

One alternative to using SQLite on Android is to store Java objects in SharedPreferences. Here, we’ll look at two different ways to do that. Why not go for SQLite for all storage needs? The reasons can be varied: besides the impedance mismatch between object orientation and relational databases, SQLite might be overkill (brings more overhead) […]

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Android Activity Recognition

Activity Recognition gives our Android device the ability to detect a number of our physical activities like walking, riding a bicycle, driving a car or standing idle. All that by simply using an API to access Google Play Services, an increasingly crucial piece of software available to all Android versions. As in the article on […]



Android Expandable/Collapsible Views

Expandable/Collapsible Views (text, images, etc.) in Android are useful when we want to display all the available options on one screen, without the user having to scroll all the way to find the one he/she is interested in. What we are doing is trying to maximize the use of the available space on the screen […]



Free Android Geofencing App

Check out my latest Geofencing app at Google Play: Features: Geofencer lets you add,/edit,/delete geofences and choose: When you want to be notified (entering or exiting the area, or both) How you want to be notified (phone vibrating or playing a sound, or both) What your phone is to do automatically on notification: turn on/off WI-FI […]

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