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Big Data Ingestion: Flume, Kafka and NiFi

Preliminaries When building Big Data pipelines, we need to think on how to ingest the Volume, Variety and Velocity of data showing up at the gates of what would typically be a Hadoop ecosystem. Preliminary considerations such as scalability, reliability, adaptability, cost in terms of development time, etc. will all come into play when deciding […]

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Streaming Big Data: Storm, Spark and Samza

There are a number of distributed computation systems that can process Big Data in real time or near-real time. This article will start with a short description of three Apache frameworks, and attempt to provide a quick, high-level overview of some of their similarities and differences. Apache Storm In Storm, you design a graph of real-time computation called a topology, […]

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Lambda Architecture for Big Data

An increasing number of systems are being built to handle the Volume, Velocity and Variety of Big Data, and hopefully help gain new insights and make better business decisions. Here, we will look at ways to deal with Big Data’s Volume and Velocity simultaneously, within a single architecture solution. Volume + Velocity Apache Hadoop provides both reliable storage (HDFS) and a […]

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Object Hyperlinks with QR Code and NFC

Object hyperlinking refers to ways to link physical objects to the digital world. Here, we’ll look at the two prevalent methods for that, QR Codes and NFC tags, and application development using those two technologies. . QR Codes QR (Quick Response) codes are a general improvement over the standard bar codes we see everywhere on merchandise. While […]

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A Look at Facebook’s Open Graph

A bit of history Back in 2007, Facebook (FB) created Beacon to make it easier for users to automatically share what they were up to on sites outside of Facebook. Beacon didn’t work too well mainly because of privacy considerations and poor communication from FB. Beacon was finally shut down in 2009, and the next year […]

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Dealing with Marchitecture

Cartoon by David Fletcher – CloudTweaks . Marchitecture (aka Marketecture) is an architecture produced by a vendor mainly from a marketing perspective. As a company’s Engineer, Architect or Manager, you will be exposed to it at some point or another. Vendor representatives will come in and make a shiny PowerPoint presentation about a new product, and you […]

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